11 to Watch

I'm getting ready to send pots off for this show that I am in " 11 to watch" at City Art Gallery in Greenville NC. It looks like there are some nice painters in the show. I wish I could get down there for the opening but that would be a little tuff.

I got some exciting news today in the mail. I finally have been accepted to my first big indoor show this Thanksgiving coming up. Its called "The CDC" or Carolina Designer Craftsmen. This is very exciting for me and it was the first time I applied so that was even more cool!

I'm cleaning and packing up pots this evening to go here and there. I love to clean out my studio and get rid of pots I've been looking at all month so I can make some new ones. I hope I get some time to throw a few mugs tonight....oh how I love to make a mug!


Ron said...

Congrats on getting in CDC.
Glad to see you straightened out the Damnastic Goddess thing too.
Ron the dork.

Jen Mecca said...

You know, I am more like a DAM-nastic goddess when I really think about it. I walk around the house all the time going "dam I have so much to do!!!" or "dam look at this house, its a wreck!!"

(I hope I have not offended anyone reading my blog...its all in good fun.)

Unknown said...

you're such a wild woman jen-damn

Ron said...

I don't know if I can take all this cursing.

Cynthia said...

Congratulations on getting in CDC..I was trolling the net looking for other pottery blogs and came across yours.