How many months till I get my salt kiln built?

Here is my favorite fused box, I'll have to try this one again because I thought the carving ,finial and color worked well together. ( To bad this lid will not come off!!!!)

Ok, so I fired my kiln load. I unloaded it yesterday and 4 of my cool boxes fused together...yes, gone. AHHHHHH glaze. I love my amber glaze and since the last firing it was to thin I double dipped it but I guess to much because it ran like mad and the form allowed for this fast run as well. Very disappointing but I have moved on and over that disappointment. All you can do it make more, learn and keep working. I'm at that antsy stage before a show- I've got one more glaze load to go so I'm getting everything ready for one more bisque and than the whole glaze process starts again and my fingers are crossed. You know, I shouldn't be such a ordeal but for the last 7 years now since I've been with-out a salt kiln I've been dealing with this. I have so much admiration for those successful potters who are wonderful at glazing because it is no picnic. I know when I get my kiln built I'll have all sort of issues to deal with than but at the moment that atmosphere stuff is looking like a piece of cake...there is nothing better than slip!


Anonymous said...

oh jen... :(
it was really nice... i had 2 pieces in my last kiln same thing.... what to do?

Unknown said...

p.s. I believe I probably just jinxed myself-snuck a peak in my kiln and my group of 3 canisters appear to have fused lids... what was I thinking... i have a stomach virus that must be doing the thinking(or the lack there of)....argh

Jen Mecca said...

Seeing fused pieces can give anyone a stomach pains!